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Call for papers: The Pursuit of Decoloising and Transforming Curriculum in Higher Education


Fostering diversity and social justice within institutions of higher education’s faculties, staff, students, research, curricula, and service to the community — creates a rich atmosphere for teaching, learning, and inquiry and is a necessary condition for preparing our graduates to succeed in a diverse world and to change it for the better. Furthermore, a history of oppression, inequity, and structural discrimination in the university, local, state, and national context. Diversity and interdisciplinarity are leveraged as critical components in our innovative research, inclusive and empowering curricula, and professional leadership.

The postmodern critique on the idea of a just society provokes interesting debate. Can there ever be a just society? Can we ever view all people as inherently equal and entitled to the same rights and privileges? It’s hard to know, since most philosophers would argue that no one has ever created a completely just society, where all people have an even chance. Even in the most socialist nations, there is poverty and unequal distribution of wealth. The African continent, which hinges on creating social justice, has distinct problems, like the high rate of crime, unemployment, poverty, drug abuse, homelessness, and other problems which make sure all students receive the same high standard of education. This is no reason to abandon attempting to promote a just society and trying to aim for it. Yet due to the complex nature of society, the United Kingdom and United States of America may not ever fully achieve justice for all, and the complex debate of how to achieve these developing nations is ongoing (Gorski, 2013)

Social justice is aimed at promoting a society which is just and equitable, valuing diversity, providing equal opportunities to all its members, irrespective of their disability, ethnicities, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion, and ensuring fair allocation of resources and support for their human rights

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